Pregnancy At 19 Changed My Life – Lekki British School Owner

Dr Abiodun Laja is the Executive Director of the Lekki British School, Lekki, Lagos. She started a private school at 27 and recently celebrated her 40th anniversary in the education sector. In this interview, she told SAMSON FOLARIN how becoming pregnant at 19 changed her career path and the challenges she had faced over the years.

This was revealed in an interview with Punch, to discuss her life journey.

You started a private school at 27 at a time when such venture was a preserve of retired teachers. How did it happen?

Back in my secondary school days at St. Loius, Ibadan, I was good at mathematics and my father, who was an accountant, felt I would make a good accountant. Unfortunately, I had a baby immediately I left secondary school. My father was very angry with me and I was angry with myself as well. He took the baby from me at 11 months and I went to London to study. The early motherhood, however, changed my perception. While I was nursing the baby, my mind switched from being an accountant to education of children.

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